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Our organization is involved in numerous projects.


The Olive Branch invests in the future of religious leaders and communities. By providing them with theological education, they will be equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively lead their congregations and promote their religious beliefs.

Medical Camps.

These Medical camps aims to provide access to medical care for those who otherwise may not have it. This involves setting up temporary clinics staffed by medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers. They provide a variety of services, including check-ups, diagnostic testing, and treatments for common illnesses and injuries. 

planting/growing trees.

we have been on the ground planting and growing trees ourselves while partnering with other community based organizations by providing them with, seedlings from our nursery, in the last three years we have ben able to plant more than 500,000 seedlings in different places.

However, we are launching a 10 Million trees project, this will largely bring on board the community, environment stakeholders and government.


This microfinance project involves groups of vulnerable women coming together to pool their money and provide loans to members of the group. we provide training sessions for all participants, which would cover the basics of table banking, including how it works, the benefits of participating, and the responsibilities of group members. The training would also include information on how to create and manage a savings plan, how to access loans, and how to make loan repayments.

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