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Our story starts way back in 1867.

Founder Rachel Bradley began The Olive Branch by offering sewing classes to prostitutes, providing them with an alternative source of income. Early on she fought hard against a growing proliferation of prostitute houses which were known to purchase and enslave very young girls (even 8 to 12 years of age) into lives of prostitution. She touched their lives with a very genuine love and true message of hope. She expressed her belief that, given an opportunity, such ‘special women’ could overcome guilt, shame, pain and the most incredible challenges and struggles. Records indicate that the they successfully closed taverns, saloons and prostitute houses through their remarkable community activism. It wasn’t long before the efforts grew to include homeless men, women and children, further expanding to include the dire needs of alcoholic and addicted men and women who existed on the fringes of society.

The Olive Branch was founded and led by courageous Women who dared to minister where most would not go. Historical records recount their travels through the streets and alleyways at all hours of the day or night, during the worst of weather to care for the hungry, homeless, sick and dying. They fought their social battles and challenged every social ill that raised its ugly head.

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