Climate change, Water & Sanitation,  Indigenous Communities, Women & Youth empowerment programs.

The Olive Branch In Africa

The Olive Branch is strategically engaged in life transformation, environmental conservation, Climate adaptation and resilience through various adaptation strategies among indigenous communities, providing clean water and sanitation, as well as youth & women empowerment programs.
About us

The Olive Branch is strongly entrenched in preserving human dignity, improving quality of life, and achieving climate resilience, zero green house gas emissions,10% forest cover, self-sustainability and self-determination through communities, youth and women.

We are in the arena of human development, providing opportunity for recovery, restoration, reinstatement and re-entry unto a productive life. The Olive Branch remains a place where vulnerable women in the society, large population of youth in despair , individuals and communities affected by the re-occuring weather events such as droughts and famine can call home. We also tailor made measures and resolutions involving local communities to enhance the safety of people and wildlife to create mutual benefits of coexistence.

Climate Action.

At The Olive Branch Africa, we are deeply committed to climate action through adaptation, in alignment with the goals of the Paris Agreement. Our mission is to build resilience within communities while simultaneously reducing greenhouse gas emissions, all without compromising food production.


Through partnerships with other organizations and well wishers across the globe we swing into the hard hit areas by the reoccurring weather events such as droughts, famine, floods and disease outbreaks. we also reach out to people living with disabilities to try and meet their very basic needs that includes bridging the information gap that is necessary to PWDs.
This is a program that we carry out to see to it that every human lives with dignity they deserve.

women empowerment.

women have been an integral part of our journey as an organisation, this is in a quest to achieve gender equity in the society . We do this through various business training, table banking for the widows and connecting them to lifetime opportunities.


Providing access to clean water and sanitation is crucial for improving public health and reducing the spread of disease in communities. Our Partnership with “Just One Africa” has really helped us as an organisation to ensure that these resources are distributed effectively and efficiently to those who need them most in different community set ups.

Come join us

We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. We have to step up, empower the youth, take care of the vulnerable women in the society, restore our environment so that we curb the severe effects of climate change and take the lead.


We organize inclusive events, trainings and workshops for Women,Youth , stakeholders & Climate Change actions.

16,feb, 2023

The olive Branch is committed to increase the forest cover even much higher and on that regard, we will be launching 10 Million trees in different eco systems in Kajiado and other different places in Kenya.

JUNE, 2023

This is the biggest climate Change hub upcoming and we will provide more updates on the same.

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